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Rob Morton's Little Notes Post-it Pads

Rob Morton's Little Notes Post-it Pads

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I savvve alllll yourrr litttllle noottes (That's supposed to be sung, if you've ever heard Rob's song.)

You'll get one of these 50-note, Little Note Post-It pads for free ....with the purchase of a clothing item.  If you do end up buying an item, just message me wth a screen grab proof of purchase. It's like getting an 8 buck discount.

Or buy it on it's own! This pad is definitley a crowd favorite.  So useful and fun, each piece of paper with a sticky back to put up anywhere and everywhere. On computer screens, on the fridge, on a door, on a pillow.  And people tend to save them more with the little doodle rob and sweet message at the top.

Evvvveryyyyonnne calls Rob for an exra pad. :)

Ps.  If shipping is as much or more than the pad (sorry!) ....message me and I will get one to you for less.

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